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The fundamental of plastic injecting is about the mold, and there is a well-known saying with technical directors in the industry “You can make the product if you can make the mold.” Hence, some injection-mold manufacturing companies import of the plastic injection technology to make the company more competitive in the industry; however, due to the technology difference, not every company can integrate with it well to produce the product with excellent quality, and that is the difference between each plastic injection company. The following company that I am going to introduce is the plastic injection company “Shang Kwei” which was established in 1984, and specializing in injection-mold manufacturing.

Watch the short video first.

When turn into Ming An Road, and you will see an eye-catching red-wall building with two elephant statuses beside the entrance. It is hard to notice that the building is a factory until I saw the lorry and forklift. When entered the building, I could feel the air-conditioning blew off my face, and it’s very comfortable to enjoy the air-conditioning in the intense of hot weather. “It is important to turn the air-conditioning on not only for our operators to enjoy the working environment, but also the temperature matters for manufacturing machines” says by Mick, Vice General Manager.

Shank Kwei Company - Injection Molding Factory
The air-conditioning is on in the factory which is square space and clear.

Shang Kwei was OEM of ChiMei, AU optronics, Quanta Display Inc…etc. to produce plastic parts with precision quality in initial, and it is contract manufacturer with Chunghwa Telecom company. Besides, they have had producing realia , the plastic parts of gun and trigger, and even voting machine for client from different countries. As you can see, Shang Kwei provides reliable quality to fulfill their customers to engage with them.

Injection Molding Machine
There are 21 all-electric horizontal injection machines range from 50 to 650 tons.

Specialising in injection-mold manufacturing, and educational training factory appointing by well-known enterprises.

There are Production and Tooling departments in Shang kwei. The Mould Technician will discuss with client about tooling design, then they start manufacturing the mould. They have CNC milling machine and electrical discharge machining in Tooling department. Therefore, they can manufacture moulds in house even if it is a tall order.

Shank Kwei Company - Tooling Department
At the mould department, tooling is being processed by technicians.

The basic structure about the mold is: mold base, core, cavity…etc. There are several ways for tooling 2nd process, such as CNC process, EDM, Wire EDM…etc . After tooling the 2nd process, we do a surface treatment on the mold which includes polishing or texturing.

Mick, Vice General Manager, who was apprentice in mould, and it’s managing the Production Department in presents. Mick always examine and approve the tooling design to detail with every client for R & D supporting before manufacture the mould, and this is why Shang Kwei is a reliable company for clients not only solid in Taiwan, but also the clients from abroad. Moreover, Shank Kwei have made the model of moulds for educational training purpose, so tooling designers from electronics factory can understand the way to draw the tooling design in more realistic way. Therefore, this have made Shang Kwei an educational training factory appointing by well-known enterprises.

“Those that are possible to make, and those that are impossible to make. This means there is not an easy or difficult way to make each mould. What we do is focus on quality.” Says by Mick. The experience of making plastic products and OEM with well-known enterprises made Shang Kwei a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Automatic production with efficient management

In order to ensure the quality, Shang Kwei have imported the automatic machines to stabilise the lead time for the injecting process. The advantage of regular lead time when injecting plastic can make the plastic products with consistent results. “Some injection factories do manual operation, and somehow could affect the product results” Said by Mick.

Avoiding any mistake to affect on the product result, we are not only applying automated manufacturing, but also have a specification when it comes to operate by our technical director and operators. Normally, injection machines rely on operating by technical director, including load molds and trail…etc. Hence, some factories will apply ISO system, and use the form approved by ISO system to record the conditions of manufacture to make the production efficiency in the next time.

However, the form for the conditions of manufacture approved by ISO system somehow not very specific in every criteria. Therefore, Mick have made the unique form which not only includes the basic information, but also include very specific condition(Temperature, humidity…etc) to make it easily to read by apprentice and migrant workers. Hence, error rate can be decreased and ensure the production efficiency.

Forming condition table
Forming condition table is designed by Vice General Manager, Mick. The data clearly point out the position of the machine, so that operator can quickly understand install data and assist to install the tooling.

Thanks to brilliant quality of production management, Shang Kwei have built up a reliable and trustworthy image for clients, even though the clients that was finding the company which can help them to manufacture the plastic product because others couldn’t. After seeing the result of the plastic product, and the clients were always amazed by the brilliant quality, and cooperate with Shang Kwei continually.

Complementary with knowledge and experience

The advantage to cooperate with Shang Kwei is that they will discuss with clients to understand their needs with their previous experiences, and then go on the process of manufact the mold. Some injection-mold manufacturing factories just manufact the mold but cannot be able to predict the potential issue when it comes to production. “The trend in the industry today is using environmental friendly plastic material. However, the products made by this material cannot be long-turn used because it’s potential limited. Therefore, we use this material to produce the realia which is environmental friendly and non-toxic”

Not only material matter, but colour matter as well. “When it comes to durability, we wouldn’t recommend clients to produce white or black product. The reason is because black is a dark colour which when mixing with regrind materials the color will still stay as black therefore it isn’t recommended. And on the other hand, the problem with white material is that we have to add TIO2 to avoid transmittance when making white colour products. However, TIO2 cannot be linked with the plastic material. Hence, this makes the color white having a low durability.

To sum up, product development relies on cooperation. A good cooperation will makes you wanting to cooperate with again, and vice versa. Shank kwei was established in 1989, and specialising in injection-mold manufacturing. They have produced wide variety products which made them an experienced and reliable company. No wonder why Shank Kwei can cooperate with many clients for product development, and be an educational training factory appointing by well-known companies.

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Last modified: June 17, 2021